Monday, November 5, 2012

Spilling Secrets

Little Miss made me promise not to tell anyone this, but since then, I've told like everyone I know.  So, Little Miss told me that her cousins are like her brothers, that she loves being a "sister".  It was so flippin' cute.  She told me she wanted a sister.  I did my usual nodding and smiling.  Yesterday, I asked what she'd like to name her sister (this response changes often which is why I like to ask).  So, she said "Sophia".  Husband's last name starts with an "S" so I asked her if she thought that sounded silly to have an alliterative name.  She said that wouldn't be her name.  So, I asked what her name would be.  She answered, "Sophia Tulip".  

It does seem like family tradition to have a name after a flower as my grandmothers are and were Violet and Fern.  Tulip seems too much, but what do I know.

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