Friday, November 2, 2012

Movies Watched in September 2012

  1. Finding Nemo
  2. Scandal
I saw next to nothing this month - again. The kid and I did go see Finding Nemo 3D. We actually watched it on DVD first to see if she’d like it. Then, we saw it on the big screen the next day. She napped a bit, but she liked it. It’s such a colorful movie. I think she prefers the musicals, but there aren’t as many. So far, The Lorax is the only movie which kept her attention and awake the entire time, but she does like going to the theater. It’s a nice escape for me, too. I have only seen the beginning of Scandal. If I ever complete Season 1, I did record Season 2 on the DVR so I can continue watching if I get hooked.


MrsErinS said...

Hurricane Sandy turned us into fans of Scandal - we flew through it! It's trashy and cheesy, but i LOVE it :)