Monday, November 5, 2012


Just to put it out there, we weathered Sandy just fine.  We made the mistake of telling Little Miss that, if she was scared, she could come sleep in our room.  The first night, we plunked her back in her bed.  The second night, when Sandy was actually supposed to hit, we blew up her air mattress.  So, she went straight there and slept on the floor instead of with us which meant we all got a good night's sleep.  None of us had to report to work or school Monday and Tuesday so we just hung out.  Husband and I had some light work to do.  Little Miss played with her new toys, and we did some arts and crafts.  On Tuesday, after the worst of the storm blew through, we took a walk to rid ourselves of cabin fever.  We had lunch and walked around the neighborhood.  

We did lose water for half the day on Monday.  We lost power for an hour or so while they tried to repair our water.  Overall, it was an adventure.  We snacked without the power.  Little Miss liked the flashlights and candles.  Then, just when the novelty was about to wear off, everything came back up.  I think she had the most issue with the fact we couldn't flush.  Then again, we all had a little issue with that.  Still, all in all, we can't complain when others suffered (and still suffer from) so much damage.