Monday, April 6, 2009

What Happens When You Poke the Kitty?

He may poke back at you... with his teeth.

Little Miss learned a lesson the other day: Toby doesn't like to be poked in the eye. Little Miss got very bold and started to chase my parents' kitty. The kitty finally had enough. Even though Little Miss was scolded for poking the kitty, she did it anyway. So, finally, Toby nipped at her. Usually, he nips but doesn't break the skin. You freeze, he lets your hand, foot, body part go. However, Little Miss yanked her hand back at the same time so she has a little scrape on her wrist. Of course, she reacted like her hand was bit off. She quieted down shortly after. We cleaned her up and gave her a Band-Aid. She immediately looked at us and said, "Num Num" for food. She's a trooper. Hopefully, it'll teach her not to torment the cat. For awhile, I'm sure she and the cat will avoid each other which is a good thing. Toby must have sensed that I was just bragging how good he is with the kids. Nephew, meanwhile, yelled at Toby, gave him a time out for 8 minutes and blocked him into the corner so he could learn his lesson. He's very protective of his cousin.

Below is Little Miss poking Toby, two pokes before he "poked" back.

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Shoshana said...

Awww, poor little Miss. She looks very cute in her outfit too.