Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Update - Easter Parade

On Friday, I got out of work at noon, and Husband took a half day. I stopped at Trader Joe's, Honeybaked Ham, and Giant for food for Easter. As a treat, I stopped at Baja Fresh for lunch, too. Husband went to the driving range while I started the first wave of cleaning for Sunday. When Little Miss came home, we dyed eggs. She did not want to dye eggs. She wanted to eat and go to bed. So, we dyed eggs while she watched.

On Saturday, Husband woke up with Little Miss before he went to play golf in the rain. He was going to play golf and then go to a bar to watch
the Masters Tournament. So, Little Miss and I stayed home. We had breakfast. Then, she napped. We had lunch. Then, she napped. In the afternoon, she turned into a tornado and threw everything we owned all over the place. So, when she went to sleep, I cleaned up and finished cleaning for Easter. I was on morning duty for Easter so when Little Miss woke up at 1AM, Husband went to calm her down.

On Easter, I woke up with Little Miss. I got her breakfast which she ate slowly. Then, I put her down for a nap and got an extra hour of sleep myself. We then all woke up and got ready for Mass. Just before we left, Husband cleaned the floors in the main rooms. Then, off we went!

After church, we put Little Miss down for another nap while I did little things to ready the apartment. She woke up
around the time In-Laws arrived. We grazed on appetizers (crab dip, shrimp cocktail and cheese and crackers) and then sat down to eat dinner (ham, potatoes au gratin, sweet potatoes, green beans, and crescent rolls). Then, we had dessert (profiteroles). All the while, Little Miss entertained us to no end while the Masters played in the background.

Around bedtime, Little Miss grabbed my iPod for which Husband scolded her. She knows she's not allowed to play with it. However, she also knows that I listen to it while she falls asleep at bedtime. She handed it to me and made it known that it was bedtime. So, we put her to bed. She happened to wake up upset (and cold) before In-Laws left. Then she went right to bed when they left at which point I turned on the heat in her room so she would be warm. I'm a bad mommy. And so a super quick weekend flew by, and the work week begins again. Next week, Little Miss spends the weekend with my extended family. Can't get enough of the family time!

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Sanna said...

I love that little pink coat. Very very girly. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. And the food sounds yummie.