Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Wonders

OK, to counter my last post of angry boy music, I've decided to post this topic. This is difficult for me to admit, but I've decided I'm going to fully embrace my girl card and say it anyway. I'm not going to say I never cry, but I cry at weird things, not necessarily typical sad or emotional things. As I mentioned before, Eight Below makes me sob every time I watch it as do most animal movies - sad or happy. Any time there's a scene involving Matt Saracen and his family on Friday Night Lights, I find myself with a little dust in my eye. Still, I can't say I cry a lot and, if I do, there's a reason.

However, every time I hear Little Wonders by Rob Thomas, I get all choked up. It's from
Meet the Robinsons which was a mediocre movie. I actually think the real reason is that the song came out when we were expecting Little Miss. So, the first time I really heard the song, I would think of her. So, now, when I hear the song, I think of her and all the little moments. Plus, I always thought the song was a great song during pregnancy because, during all the "oh, my goodness, is this over yet" moments, I got to find a little clarity in the experience. I thought it was just a hormonal thing, but then I got all weird in the car when the song came on my iPod the other day. I had to flip to the next song to bring me back to even keel. If you haven't heard the song, the video is below:

If this post doesn't make sense, it's because I started it about four hours ago. Little Miss went to bed about three times tonight. It's bedtime now and, because of all the activity, she should sleep through the night, but the blog got put on the back burner and rightly so.

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