Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekend Update - Back to Normal

Last weekend, Little Miss was finally healthy! So, it was back to our regular routine. Friday was a quiet evening. Saturday was hanging out and then skating lessons. She was so happy to be back and passed her level so she is all cleared to take the next level of skating next time. The Inlaws came to watch her which pleased her to no end.  The Washington Capitals were practicing so we got to watch them do a few drills which was exciting - even for non-Caps fans. We went home and had a quick lunch before running back out to a birthday party. Little Miss swam and got to play with some friends. Then, we went to the grocery store and ran a bunch of errands. We finally got home late in the evening and were all exhausted.
We were having friends over for the Super Bowl so there was a lot of cleaning on Sunday. Nothing like the last minute! We also cooked a bit. I made egg rolls. Husband made some chicken cutlets, pasta with vodka sauce and sausage bread. It was all delicious. Little Miss stayed up until halftime. She was rooting for the Seahawks and was pleased that they won. Then, the weekend ended pretty much as soon as it began!