Wednesday, February 26, 2014

30 Weeks

I wrote this post and it disappeared.  It was a lengthy one, too. Anyway, here it goes again. We're at 30 weeks which is just ridiculous.  I have my doctor appointment on Friday before I start going every two weeks.

I believe I'll be able to go a mixture of non-maternity and maternity clothes for the rest of the time.  My shirts have been working hard, but maternity clothes just fit me so poorly.  I'm hoping that my co-workers aren't too tired of the same old same old.  I'd at least have some more options if the weather warmed up a little for dresses.

Luckily, no heartburn this time around which is nice.  It was so bad with Little Miss.  I do have shortness of breath which I didn't have before.  No swelling, and I've been sleeping fine which is good.  I do have an itchy belly, but I've been trying to moisturize which helps. 

I have a fairly aggressive March getting everything ready because, so far, we haven't done anything to prepare for the baby.  Unless you count actively denying that time is passing quickly.  We do that quite a bit.  We don't need too much other than a car seat and a monitor.  There are a few other wants, but the car seat is a priority.  

The baby is very active though getting quite cramped.  There is a lot more stretching than kicking lately.  I'm hoping he stays in there a good while or, even better, until his scheduled date which would be a new development in this house.  Little Miss beat her c-section date by a couple of days.  Either way, we'll see!