Monday, February 24, 2014

Must Be the Home Stretch

Little bonus baby post this week.

Last Friday, I found out that I passed my 3-hour glucose test!  This basically means I don't have gestational diabetes this time.  I'm still going to try to stay a little disciplined with my eating schedule, but it means I don't have to be as crazy vigilant as I'd have to be if I failed the test.  I rewarded myself with not testing over the weekend. 

Last night, Little Miss sat on my lap and looked at me seriously.  "Momma, I need to talk to you," she said, and I braced myself for whatever was going to come out of her mouth next.  "You haven't taken your diabetes test lately."

I explained that I didn't have to, but I could occasionally if it made her feel better.  She's a very good nurse and has always looked out for me and the baby throughout this entire process.  It was super sweet.  She actually went with me for the glucose test and was all right up in the nurse's business while the blood was being drawn.

A woman gave me her seat on the Metro today.  So, I figure that officially marks the fact that I'm huge.  I don't always accept it depending on when a seat becomes free, but I did today.  I appreciate it more on the way home, but it was nice of her.  A woman touched my belly today, too.  Normally, people don't though or without permission (not including family which I give a begrudging pass to).