Friday, February 28, 2014

30 Weeks (Bonus)

I had my doctor appointment this morning.  We had a little non-stress test to see the heartbeat versus movement.  He was contrary as usual, only moving enough to "voice" his unhappiness.  The doctor declared the results "so so".  We got a quick sonogram to measure heart, brain and amniotic fluid.  He's got a heart and brain, and the doctor was pleased enough with the fluid levels. 

He seems to be growing.  I'm still measuring consistently on the large side, but I'm not really gaining much weight which doesn't concern the doctor so it doesn't concern me.  It's not for lack of eating.  As it is, I've had to hold back because I feel like I could just be a constant eating machine if I let myself. 

I start going in every 2 weeks at this point, but it's just so inconvenient.  Still, it's a bonus to get to peek inside each time which I didn't get to do last time.  The benefit of being considered high risk, I suppose.  It amused me that my blood pressure is the same every single time I visit.  That's never been an issue before at least.  If anything, on rare occasions, it drops low, but it's usually pretty steady and on the lower side of normal. 

So, knock wood that things continue to go smoothly.  His head is very low so it's a little uncomfortable, and I can get some contractions if I push myself too hard so it's been a balancing act getting ready for his arrival and resting at the same time.  We'll see how that goes in the next few weeks.  I hope (and need) to get a lot accomplished this weekend.  Also, I should start thinking about getting the few things we need for the baby.  We need only 2 big things, but there are a few wants thrown in there as well.  As with the first time, my restraint in purchasing things is overwhelming considering that I don't usually have a lot of willpower when it comes to shopping usually.

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