Thursday, February 20, 2014

Week 29

Baby is the size of an acorn squash so says this site. I don't need a website to tell me that he's moving a lot more. 2 hours straight last night was constant movement and kicking. I think it wore him out because today has been quieter, much closer to the regular schedule. I actually don't feel like I've grown any though this is the week a lot of people have commented on the size. I have grown much more awkward and slow - though this is also in part due to my sprained ankle. It's functioning, but I still walk a little gingerly just in case.

Based on conversations with my doctor, we'll be doing a C-section again.  Most likely, I estimate that we will be the last week in April some time unless the baby decides to come early like Little Miss did.  My plan is to be done with preparations by the end of March, possibly that first weekend in April depending on how things go.  That should be plenty of time regardless for upkeep of the household and maybe start freezing some dinners and foods.

The website also says now is the time to start finalizing preparations. In my case, I should start doing any preparation. I do have a pretty strict schedule in March, but there's the possibility that I can start a little this weekend. I did all this earlier last time so being so pregnant and doing everything is taking a little assistance, and I'm not the best at asking for help. Plus, I like to plan everything out in my head before acting on a plan. It'll come together.

It's always hard for me to prepare because I'm not really the person who bonds with a baby until I'm holding he/she. So, it's very abstract until then and then you hit the ground running so there's no thought process. It'll be an interesting ride, that's for sure!


Nesli Tales said...

Great blog, I love that, very sincere! Good luck for the next 10 weeks. It's a lot more fun to have 2 kids around, but not a lot of time to read :-(
~Nesli E.

princess apr said...

I actually always read while nursing in the middle of the night. Plus, my new e-reader can be page-turned with either hand which should help. Plus, I do all my reading commuting to and from work now so that shouldn't change once a new routine is set up. Priorities! *g*

The last few weeks are always the most difficult if I recall correctly.