Thursday, February 6, 2014

Week 30

It's surreal just typing Week 30!  Anyway, details can be found here, but nothing new since last week really.  I'm really only uncomfortable in the morning and evening.  I do find myself short of breath, but I don't have the crippling heartburn I had with Little Miss.  I think it's because this one rests a lot lower so I get a bit uncomfortable low in the belly, which I didn't have with her, but it's much easier to tolerate than the heartburn. 

I have my monthly appointment on Friday morning after which I start going every 2 weeks to check in. 

I actually haven't been feeling as big lately, but then I caught myself sideways in the mirror yesterday.  I suggest never looking at yourself sideways in a mirror.  I'm wearing non-maternity clothes today - belly band around the pants and a stretchy top - and am still quite comfy which is nice because I refuse to buy additional maternity clothes.  Everyone at work will just have to get used to seeing the same couple of dresses and pants for the next couple of months.  I can't wait until summer - the stretchy, endless stream of sundresses.  I mean, I can't say I'm looking forward to dealing with a swimsuit, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Luckily, I'm still sleeping fairly well though I have had some wacky dreams, but I suppose no more wacky than usual.  Overall, light symptom week though which is good.  I still can't complain, but sometimes I think I'm too old for this when going through the day-to-day of being pregnant.  *g*

I do have to start getting ready for the baby which means doing a lot around the apartment.  There's little we need, but it's a matter of shifting what we have and getting what we need into the apartment and just organizing.  I set aside some time, but then other things came up.  I may have to do things during the week and reevaluate.  We were invited to a playdate this weekend, and I have dinner out with friends.  I hate to have Little Miss miss a playdate when we've been postponing this one for months.  I'll just have to buckle down after work and see if I can make up time before baseball season starts (more on that once it starts, but Little Miss is starting baseball because ice skating booked up).