Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekend Update - Home Sick

I don't know if being homesick is as bad as being home sick.  Either way, last week, Little Miss got hit with the flu.  Luckily, she had the school holiday on Monday (and we were both home) and a Teacher Work Day on Tuesday (and my work was only open a partial day).  There was a snow day on Wednesday.  At this point, the flu moved onto Husband so I went to work while the two sickies stayed home.  On Thursday, there was a 2-hour delay.  So, she only missed a day and a partial day.  We held her home on Friday just to be on the safe side.  She'd be ok in the morning, but her fever had trouble staying away for a full day so it was a wise decision.  On Saturday, she relapsed, but she woke up Sunday feeling great and had just a really good day full of dancing and singing. 

Unfortunately, with all the sickness, she did miss ice skating and a birthday party, but there wasn't much choice.  On Sunday, we cleaned a portion of her room and purged her bookcases.  The girl is ruthless.  If she doesn't want something anymore, it just gets the axe.  We haven't gotten to toys yet so we'll see how she is with the rest of the items in her room.  She also got the dusting spray and a pair of socks from her room and dusted half the apartment on her own.  I sat on the couch and watched her.  So, successful Sunday all around.  Husband took the bus to New York to watch the Winter Classic (Rangers vs. Devils) so it was just the girls all day.  Overall, it was an unexpected relaxing weekend full of movies and cuddling.  Can't ask for better though next time we could do without the flu.