Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Update - Long Weekend!

Last weekend was a nice long weekend.  On Friday, we did nothing as is custom in our house.  On Saturday, we got up and did nothing until it was time to watch Little Miss in her skating lesson.  She did great.  After, she did about a half hour of public skating by herself.  She went around the big rink 6 times and was very proud of herself.  We went home.  Little Miss took a little nap and then all three of us went to the In-Laws' place to celebrate Mother-in-Law's birthday (which was actually last weekend).  Little Miss picked out her present all by herself the previous week from gift to card to wrapping paper. 

On Sunday, I stayed in bed as long as possible before meeting a friend at the nail salon.  Then, we had a bite to eat and then I got my haircut.  It was very relaxing especially knowing that we all had Monday off. 

Of course, on Monday, Little Miss was not quite herself.  She had been clingy all weekend, but she gets a little out of sorts when her routine is thrown off.  Then, she had a fever mid-morning.  She spent most of the day being lazy in bed.  She is good at keeping up with the liquids, but she didn't eat too much.  She went to bed without fuss, but she was up and miserable early this morning.  Husband got her some ibuprofen, and she was able to rest when her fever went down again.  So, she's home today sick.

The silver lining is that yesterday was a holiday and today the entire city is shut down.  Husband is home because the Federal Government is closed.  Our county happens to have a Teacher Work Day so there is no school.  I'm working a half day.  So, basically, it's a good time to get sick.  I'm organizing my work in case I have to stay home tomorrow, but Little Miss is a trooper.  Hopefully, this will leave her system quickly.  She has a couple of birthday parties coming up and our February is moderately busy.