Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weekend Update - Ice Skating

Last weekend went by in a blur.  On Friday, I worked from home because it was super icy in my neighborhood, and I didn't want to risk the walk to work.  Schools were closed.  However, Husband took Little Miss into work with him so I got to actually work in peace.  I partially tidied up the apartment after work hours.  Husband and Little Miss came home late, but we had some family time in the evening.

On Saturday, Little Miss had her first ice skating lesson.  It went well.  Only a few kids had ever been on skates before so Little Miss was a little ahead of them, but she enjoyed herself quite a bit.  We went home, had lunch and took a nap afterwards.  Then, I woke up and went to bookclub while Little Miss had a Daddy Night. 

At around 2:30AM, Little Miss woke up upset over something.  Husband was begging her to let him know what was wrong so he could fix it and, around 3AM, the fire alarm went off.  As it is better safe than sorry, we bundled Little Miss up (luckily, she fell asleep with her clothes on) and walked down 16 flights of stairs to the lobby.  By the time we got there, we were told it was a prank.  Luckily, we didn't have to go outside.  Little Miss loved walking down the stairs.  As a treat, I brought her something to drink and a snack as incentive.  I grabbed a few other things like my purse and phone which I did not grab the last time we evacuated, but I like to think I have the capability to learn.  We all went back up (by way of elevator) and went right back to sleep - and slept late on Sunday morning!

On Sunday, it was a very lazy day full of good intentions.  The only thing that really got done was some grocery shopping, and there wasn't much choice in that matter.  Next weekend should be fun though.  Husband is going to Vegas on his annual boys' trip, and Little Miss is looking forward to a girls' weekend.  We'll see what actually pans out, but it should be fun regardless.