Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good Golly, Make It Stop

I don't see how the teen years can be worse.  I pick up Little Miss at 6PM from Extended Day.  She is the happiest kid on the planet.  We talk all the way home.  Then, in the elevator, I thought her say a bad word.  So, I ask her what she said, and she refuses to answer.  I told her she isn't in trouble, but she needs to own up to it.  She never did, but she broke down in tears at the thought of being in trouble.  This is at 6:30.  I make her dinner, and we write a couple of more Thank You notes from Christmas, and she's ok.  Then, at 7, she won't eat and starts crying again.  She's been crying and sobbing her heart out for the last hour.  We finally brushed her teeth (while she cried) and put her to bed where she is currently crying.  Good golly.  I'm exhausted.

It sounds like Husband is having better luck and more patience than I.  That said, I took over homework last night due to a breakdown on both their parts so   I guess it all evens out.  She's still crying, but I have doubts that she'll throw up over it at least.  Night is young though.  She could go either way.