Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday Tidbits

My little widget says the baby is using his hands which is funny because I swore last night he was clawing his way out.  Husband was asking if there was some kicking movement, but I said nope, more like a scraping.  That was typical for Little Miss, but this is a first of the baby. 

Since Monday, Little Miss has been perfect though.  Tuesday was pleasant and then she was allowed to pick out Mother-in-Law's birthday gift.  She was very focused and knew exactly what she wanted to get so we did that yesterday.  She's been eating very well all week in part due to the fact that she has a new love affair with ham (I don't blame her).  She's also back to eating cheese after a break. 

The apartment, for the first time in awhile, isn't a total pit.  There is still too much in it, but we have to organize our storage unit eventually anyway so the boxes from Christmas can sit in a corner for now.  It's physically clean at least.  Plus, if we're not putting the Christmas stuff away, Little Miss gets a little extra time with her Christmas tree.  It takes no time to dismantle it so she can have it until we make the trip to storage.  At this rate, it could be until March. 

I have snowman plates that I usually use in the winter.  This winter, they are not coming out.  I'd take them out now, but I know they won't be put away in March so why bother.  I'll just take a year off. 

Oscar nominees are out today.  I have to figure out if I can see at least one or two movies before the awards.  I saw very few of the big movies.  Of all the movies nominated, I saw Captain Phillips and Frozen (Best Picture and Best Animated Film).  I'd see a couple of others if given the opportunity.  We'll see.  It'll depend on timing and what is still in a conveniently-located theater.