Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weekend Update - Girls' Weekend

Last Thursday night, Husband flew to Vegas for his annual Boys' Trip.  Little Miss was looking forward to our weekend together.  On Friday, she was such a good helper getting herself all ready for school.  Friday night, we mostly just hung out on the couch.  I let her sleep in our bed at night. 

Little Miss slept late on Saturday.  We had a nice breakfast and then went to skating lessons.  She did awesome again.  Afterwards, we had a little snack and then she stayed to do the public skate and went around the rink for 3 laps.  Because public skate is included in the lesson, I let her dictate how long she wanted to stay.  After, we went grocery shopping.  It took forever.  She had to go to the bathroom twice (twice!) while there, and it was crowded.  So, by the time we got home, I just heated her up leftover pasta despite buying her dinner at the store.  After, she helped me clean and put away laundry a little.  She at least did the things she is responsible for like her room and then she lost interest in my things halfway through.

On Sunday, she helped me dust and sort my socks which is a task unto itself.  Then, we had lunch and went to a playdate with a classmate from school.  The girls seemed to have a really fun time.  Then, Little Miss and I went home to get ready for a friend to come over to view the Golden Globes. 

Little Miss may not be an adventurous eater, but the girl does like to try free samples at the grocery store.  I wonder if I can get the grocery store to plan what it gives away when we go there to introduce new foods.  This week, we got some deli ham which isn't new, but she doesn't usually like lunch meat.  She's since eaten a half pound of ham since Sunday. 

Husband came home Monday afternoon in the nick of time.  I needed trash taken out, lightbulbs replaced and the toilet fixed.  Also, I finally took down Christmas so the tree needed to be removed.  The apartment is just about back to normal.  It should be closer after the long weekend when I have a block of time to reorganize a bit.

It was an exhausting weekend full of running around, but it was worth it.  I also made some homemade chicken nuggets last night for Little Miss (which I don't count as new food) and she declared them "the best".  So, some days I get things right.  Last night, during homework, Little Miss wrote three full sentences, spelled words correctly that I didn't even know she knew, and just wowed me with her knowledge.  Based on an article I read about preparing for First Grade, she's well on her way.