Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 23

Week 23!  That's just ridiculous.  The doctor appointment last week was uneventful.  I'm measuring exactly where I should be.  The doctor is pleased with size and shape and weight.  Baby still has a heartbeat.  We're in good shape at the just barely over halfway point.  According to this site, the baby is the size of a grapefruit (though according to other sources, the fruit can vary - staying with this site to be consistent) and should be around a pound or a pound and a quarter.  As with last time, no swelling of the ankles.

I'm still fitting in prepregnancy clothes more or less - no to the button-downs or some of the shorter shirts. With belly band help, I can still wear the slim cropped Gap pants I bought last week. My goal is to still fit into these pants afterwards. Otherwise, the sale wasn't helpful. I should be able to which would be great because I bought like 4 pairs. I was so excited they fit because it's so hard to find maternity pants, and it is too cold to wear a skirt or dress. This will become more challenging in the next month or so, I'm sure, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.  My skin has been dry so I've been trying to be better about moisturizing. Other than that, no other symptoms other than ones that will never make the blog.

The baby is still active, much more active than Little Miss even at her most active. She stretched and rolled, but this one is a kicker - in the morning, middle of the afternoon and late at night. It's a lot like clockwork. She's been super cute with her baby brother. She talks to him and treats him like he's a person already - saying goodbye or goodnight, giving kisses. It's very cute. She's been very accepting of my limitations and has really become quite helpful around the house. She cleans her room more than I clean mine. She picks things up off the floor. I'm sure she'll not be as enthusiastic once he's here, but I have confidence she'll still be a pretty good helper.

We have a name, it's the boy name leftover from Little Miss. As with Little Miss, I won't use it regularly on the blog, but it's not a secret. I think I even have a nickname for him eventually for blog use, but I may keep with tradition and call him Baby for the first year as I did with Little Miss. Then, I'll transition to a nickname that fits him.