Friday, February 14, 2014

Week 28

According to this, the baby is mostly growing. With medical help, he could actually live outside of my body which is kind of terrifying considering we have nothing ready and haven't bought one single thing. 

I have my 3-hour glucose test on Friday, but I've been checking my blood for the last few weeks routinely. My mornings are high more often than they are not which was typical for me last time though I'm hoping I won't need insulin again. I've had high meals here and there but not regularly. Strangely never when I expect a high number. What I find helpful is when I eat my carbs/sugars. If I eat them in the afternoon as a snack before I walk home and my dinner is somewhat sensible, I'm in good shape. I've found breakfast unpredictable, but I can usually control my lunch numbers.  Either way, I don't expect to pass the test.

Funny story - I wrote half of this earlier in the week and was about to say it has been 2 weeks since my fall.  I was feeling really good about myself.  I'm still bruised from that fall, but they don't hurt.  Then, on the way home from work, I got my foot stuck in the road and fell spraining my ankle pretty badly (or pretty well if that was my goal).  Later that night, it was huge, and I couldn't sleep all night - which meant Husband didn't get to sleep either.  Little Miss was great.  She ate dinner and did her homework by herself.  She gave herself a bath, propped my foot up and even gave me her stuffed animals to help heal me.  

I worked from home on Tuesday and Husband drove me to the doctor where it was a sprain, but the baby is doing fine - moving constantly, good heartbeat.  As with the last time on my restricted diet, I lost weight, but my belly is growing.  So, everything seems to be working except my ankle.  Because of the snow prediction, Husband drove me to work on Wednesday so I could get items I needed.  The ankle was feeling better, but it relapsed a little as it has been aching since then.  I can at least put weight on it and be mobile so that's good.  I expect it to be sore and swollen a little longer, but at least I can sleep.

Hopefully, this won't affect the actual preparing for the baby which I've put off until the next few weekends through March.  It's still kind of surreal.  I swear I forget until I try to get up out of bed or off the couch or put on shoes.  I feel like my size has stabilized.  After huge growth in the second trimester, I don't feel as big.  The third trimester did hit hard, and I'm almost instantly slower and awkward though.  I like to think I don't quite have the "make it be over" face yet though.