Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tackling Fear

I have to say that Little Miss has never really been afraid of anything.  However, she had a healthy disdain for the vacuum cleaner.  When we cleaned up after our Christmas tree this year, Little Miss hugged (HUGGED!) Mrs. Vacuum.  It was great progress.  Yes, you read correctly.  It is Mrs. Vacuum.  We think she's shacking up with Mr. Broom, but Little Miss has never really confirmed to whom Mrs. Vacuum is married.  Furthermore, it is Miss Moon.  Evidently, Miss Moon isn't as lucky as Mrs. Vacuum and is still looking for Mr. Right.

Also, last night, Little Miss ran into a pitch black room.  After not being a big fan of the dark, she just ran into the room.  It was a proud moment.  She told me she wasn't afraid because there were no monsters.  Such a big, fearless girl.