Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend Update - Books, Chocolate and Flowers

I owe you two weekend updates. Because I have the memory of a puppy, they'll be brief. Two weeks ago will be very brief. Two weeks ago, we went ran errands on Saturday and picked up a new wireless printer (and groceries). Then, on Sunday, we went to the indoor pool where Little Miss was thoroughly tired out. It was a nice weekend. Low-key family time.

Last weekend was a big busier. On Saturday, I was pretty much gone all day. I had book club at lunch time where we discussed the book. Then, afterwards, I stayed behind at my friend's house and we watched two movies and did pizza delivery. It was a good day. Then, Sunday, it was a lazy day. I did go to the mall with Little Miss to pick up a few things - a prescription and ice cream (though I didn't eat mine, it's still in the fridge).

Then, on Monday, Little Miss received her Valentine's Day present from us - helmet, pads and roller skates! She seems to enjoy them. They're only at Stage 1 which is basically marching as the wheels are fixed. Stage 2 has wheels that only move forward and Stage 3 has anything goes. On Tuesday, Little Miss celebrated Valentine's Day at school (last weekend, she admitted to liking a boy - the only boy in her class - in a sing-song voice). She came home to find that Husband bought her roses. He also bought me a dozen roses as well. She picked the pink and left the orange ones for me. It was very sweet.