Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is That Your Final Answer?

There's no photo of the event so this will have to do.  It is a good representation of the mess.  Same location but, instead of clothes, there was a Little Miss and a lot of books.  We went to put Little Miss to bed and noticed the gigantic mess.  So, we asked her if she made the mess.  She looked at us and said no.  So, of course, the next question was, who took all these books off the shelf?  Her first answer was "I don't know."  When pressed, her second answer was the books fell all by themselves.  Yep, all by themselves.  She was so honest-looking and so earnest in her answer that Husband had to leave the room to laugh himself hysterically while I was left to ferret out the truth, get her to clean up her own mess and discipline.