Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Connecting the Dots

Little Miss has been showing the very early signs of reading in that she's noticing familiar letters on signs. She also is identifying letters in words. Last week, we spent a half hour naming words that have the letter "S" in them. She also points to things constantly and wants to know what they say. Last night, she wanted to know what her fork said. I told her it said "Gerber". Then, she turned it over and asked what it said. I had no idea so I peeked and then told her it said, "China". Her face lit up and she said, "Just like where the Wonder Pets went to save the panda!" I think it's kind of cute how she can put her tv shows into other situations and connect the baby panda to her fork. I'd normally say she's the smartest kid ever, but the same kid ran into a table at school last week because she wasn't looking where she was going so we clearly still have some areas on which we need to work.