Friday, February 25, 2011

Best Friend, Minnie

Little Miss goes through phases with her favorite stuffed animal, but when it all comes down it, Minnie always comes back. I also think it's because the Disney Channel has been advertising a new Minnie movie soon. (Sidenote: I have to remember to record it if it airs on tv or maybe an Easter present if it's a DVD release.) She likes her stuffed friends on her bed, the more the merrier, and she'll hug them, but she doesn't necessarily cuddle when she sleeps. So, it was just adorable when I walked in last night and saw her hugging Minnie in her sleep. I just had to take a picture. I know she's going to love meeting Minnie in person this summer at Disney World.  Plus, what's really adorable is that Minnie was a gift from Aunt, Uncle and Cousins before Little Miss was born so she and Minnie go way back.

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Aunt and Uncle said...

We just knew she would love Minnie! We are so looking forward to Disney. Thanks for sharing.