Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Update - Busy Bees

We had quite the busy weekend!  On Friday night, I raced home and had Little Miss dropped home early.  We changed into our Disney princess outfits (I had an Ariel t-shirt on and she dressed as Snow White), and we met Husband in the city to see Disney on Ice.  Little Miss was happy enough to be on the Metro.  She was even more thrilled to see her favorite princesses ice skating!  She had a blast and her eyes were wide open the entire show.  She was allowed one keepsake and chose a magic wand.
The next morning, we got up early (for a Saturday) and drove to Wisp Resort where my parents have a townhouse. We settled in and had some lunch. Mom, Sister and her boyfriend and Nephew were there. Later, we met Dad and went ice skating.  Little Miss loved it, but as it was her first time, it was a bit challenging.  So, she took a half turn or two and called it a day.
On Sunday, we took the kids skiing. Little Miss informed us she wanted to go all the way to the top of the mountain. So, we took her to the top of the bunny hill.  She rode the Magic Carpet lift all the way up and her aunt helped her ski all the way down three times.  After the third time, Little Miss was more than ready to go home, but it's still fun for her.  She actually wants to snowboard, but we told her she needs to ski first.
We mostly watched a movie on Sunday night and then took the big drive home on Monday. You can see Little Miss and Sister (and Nephew right in front) skiing in the video below: