Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Update - At the Carwash

On Friday, my plan was to cram and read my bookclub book for Saturday. I started Almost Home by Pam Jenoff, but then Little Miss woke up very upset so that took awhile. Then, she head butt me really hard and I thought she broke my face. OK, I knew she didn't break my face, but it felt like it. She actually hit my jaw and, though there isn't a bruise, my jaw does still hurt when I touch it. Husband ended up sleeping on the floor near her crib until 3AM while I iced my face.

On Saturday, Husband had to work. I took a walk with Little Miss. We bought some shoes for her and shared lunch at
Chick-Fil-A. In the afternoon, In-Laws picked her up to go to Annapolis for the afternoon while I headed out to bookclub. At this point, I had only finished about half of the book. We talked about the book a little and walked around Bethesda. I was proud and only bought one thing (a book I had my eye on for quite awhile). Then, we had a yummy dinner at Dogfish Head Alehouse. Then, we chatted and, at my insistence, played a little Wii. I'm trying to improve next time I play my cousins. Little Miss was home when I got home so I got some hugs and kisses before she went to

On Sunday, Husband played golf very early in the morning, and Little Miss slept until 12:30! It was glorious as I was exhausted. Granted, the time changed, but still, that's a lot of sleeping. After she woke up, I fed her breakfast. Then, we took a drive to get gas. I wanted to find a playground with swings, but I couldn't find one or find one with parking so I just gave up. We got a car wash on the way back to clean up the effects of the snow storm and all of winter. I was curious to see if she'd like the car wash. I got my answer. She didn't. Then, we hung out at home. I got a massively horrible headache when Husband got home so he watched Little Miss while I moaned and groaned. All is better now (and I finished the bookclub book) so hopefully this week will go well (or at least better than the last couple)!

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