Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Update - March Madness

On Friday, we mostly hung out. We had dinner. Little Miss went to bed. Then, I went to bed early to catch up on a little tv on the DVR while Husband watched college basketball.

Saturday, we hung out around the apartment. Then, Husband dropped Little Miss and me off at Brother- and Sister-in-Law's apartment. The boys went to do boy things while the girls hung out. After, we met up with friends at
Crystal City Sports Pub to watch basketball. We had dinner and then ended up staying longer than we expected. Little Miss fell asleep at her normal bedtime and we hung out while she slept in the corner. Then, we went home and went to bed.

On Sunday, Husband stayed home with Little Miss while I met a friend and had lunch at Bertucci's. We then walked around the mall before we saw I Love You, Man which was really cute and funny. Then, I came home, ate dinner and hung out with Little Miss. Good weekend, but I need a weekend to recover! Oh, the photo on top is from the bar and the photo on the bottom is from Sunday night when Little Miss decided the basket of dirty laundry was essentially a treasure trove of toys. She just crawled in and had fun. She's a weird one.


Erin said...

you have a a bar!! :)

good times

Midas said...

I remember with TheGirl used to do this. She'd empty everything and move into the basket.