Tuesday, March 10, 2009

24 and Why The Show is Dead to Me

I was never a huge 24 fan. Still, I'd watch an episode or two a season. I watched maybe half the season so far this year. After last night, I refuse to voluntarily watch another episode again with exceptions like when it's on in the room, and I'm eating dinner and held captive by yummy, yummy food. Last night, the stupid writers killed Bill Buchannan (played by James Morrison). Now, I know most, or all, like Keifer Sutherland. Even men have a gigantic man crush on the man-purse holding, gun-toting, patriot running out of time. I get that. I'm not saying Keifer can't whisper sweet nothings in my ear, but I love Bill Buchannan especially this year when he's wearing the turtleneck and all rogue and unshaven. Plus, according to this article, James Morrison teaches yoga in Santa Barbara. Sure, he's almost as old as my dad which is a little icky, but I'll ignore that part because it doesn't matter if he's dead. More disturbing to me is that he's like a foot taller than I am. If anyone deserved the silent clock, Bill did.

Update: According to this article, James Morrison is going to be on Private Practice to close out the season. Yay! He'll always be Bill Buchannan to me.


Brandi said...

I decided not to watch this season when I read that they were going to bring Kimmy (Jack's daughter) back.

She is the most annoying character on television. Ever.

princessapr said...

OMG, that's why I didn't want to watch (oh, and I don't like the show anyway). She hasn't been back yet. Jack did mention his daughter last week though.