Thursday, March 12, 2009

Romance Novel Survey pt. 1

This is from Naomi. I thought it would be fun. I also tried not to use the same authors for all of the questions. This made things more challenging.

1. One romance book you've read more than once.
Dreaming by Jill Barnett

2. One romance book you want on a desert island.
Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer though I often answer this with Imagine by Jill Barnett because it actually takes place on a desert island though, unless I find a genie, I don't think the book would give me many tips.

3. One romance book that made you laugh.
Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

4. One romance book that made you cry.
The Nightingale's Song by Kathleen Eschenburg

5. One romance book you wish you had written.
Oh, I wouldn't dream of ruining a favorite book by writing it myself.

6. One romance book you wish you could alter the ending of.
This should actually be under the book that made me cry, but what I did was so beyond crying when I read this book.
Cloud 9 by Luanne Rice

7. One romance book you are currently reading.
What I Did for Love by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

8. One romance book you have meant to read.
Sex, Lies, and Online Dating and the subsequent books by Rachel Gibson

9. One romance book that changed you or your views in some way.
I don't know if there is one specific book. I'll say
Sentimental Journey by Jill Barnett because of the different points of view and locations.

10. One romance book made into a movie that you liked both the book & the movie.
I don't think there is one for romance novels. However, the
movie adaptation of The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan was excellent.

11. One romance book made into a movie where you liked the book, but hated the movie.
It's wrong to point any out, but pretty much all of them. I would say
Rose Hill, the tv movie adaptation of For the Roses by Julie Garwood was disappointing especially because the ending changed. On the flip side, I had no idea Justin Chambers played Cole.

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