Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Update - (Finally) A Winter Wonderland!

It was a long weekend which was a long time coming! On Friday, I saw Avenue Q. I loved it. I had been waiting a long time to see the play and was so excited when it came to town again.

Then, on Saturday, we drove to Maryland to my parents' vacation house. We saw flurries as soon as we left Virginia, and the snow just got heavier and heavier as we headed west. The kids played in the snow a little. Little Miss only had a brief nap in the car so she was a little cranky, but I think she was a little fascinated with the snow, too.

On Sunday, Mom, Brother-in-Law, Sister, Nephew and I went skiing/snowboarding. Husband stayed inside with Little Miss. It was fun especially watching Nephew ski. He took to skiing very quickly. At one point, I told him I'd race him. The next run, he shouted, "Auntie April, stop!" so I came to a quick stop to see him ski right by me. While he passed me, I heard him say "I won!" Stinker.

This morning, we went swimming before heading home. Nephew loves the pool. Little Miss was ok with me, but she
wasn't really loving the pool. I think she would have rather a morning nap. We were hoping to keep her awake so she'd sleep on the way home which she did.

Nephew and Little Miss really get along well. When Little Miss was cranky at dinner, he offered her his ice cream to cheer her up. When Nephew got in trouble for rough housing a little too hard, she went over to him and kissed his leg. This morning, while I was getting ready, Nephew watched Little Miss to keep her out of mischief and away from the stairs.

Below is a video of the kids sledding:

And it's time to start another week...


Unknown said...

I love that video. And Nephew is a stinker, but a smart sinker, getting you to stop like that, hee!

How was Avenue Q? I so want to see that but it doesn't look like it's coming here. *sniff*

princessapr said...

Avenue Q was awesome! I loved it. It is dirty, filthy and crude, but I suspect that's why I liked it. Plus, it had a sweet story and message under it all.