Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Very Quiet Cricket

As I've mentioned before, Little Miss's favorite book is The Very Quiet Cricket. This photo is the fourth time she asked for the book to be read to her tonight. She will sit through the entire book being read most nights. A lot of the time, she'll go to the little drawer where we keep the book, pull it out and bring it to us. She'll hit the book and yell if we don't stop what we're doing and read it. Tonight, Husband's hand was blocking a picture and she moved it so she could see the little cricket underneath. Leave it to my kid to like a book about a bug.

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Sanna said...

She looks so big in that picture. Can't believe it. I love the fact, that she likes books. DS is the same, always having one favorite for weeks. It's annoying sometimes, but then I have re-read books for a hundred times, too. LOL