Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Great Cookie Caper

Tonight, Little Miss was being cranky and wouldn't eat dinner. This is not unusual. It is also important to know that it's Girl Scout cookie time, and I received my 3 boxes today. One particular box was opened as I couldn't wait to try it. She manages to grab the box, get the cookies out of the box and take one. At that point, I get up to grab her and the cookie. She didn't eat dinner; she didn't need a cookie. She then drops the box, clutches the cookie harder and takes off to the front door at top speed. Finding the front door shut, she continues to race around with me close at her heels. At various points, she tries to shove the cookie in her mouth with little success. At the end of the journey, she ends up right where she started and she throws the cookie onto the floor to break it into tiny bite-size pieces. Meanwhile, Husband is purple with laughter on the couch. There is some debate in the house whether she deserved a cookie after being so smart to find it, elude authority and figure out how to get a big cookie into her mouth. I say no. I am not rewarding cookie theft.

The above photo is staged with the cookie box (though empty of actual cookies to the great disappointment of Little Miss).


MrsErinS said...

HA love it :) was she wearing her cookie pants though?

Sanna said...

She's too cute! What a clever little girl she is. But then I am with you, no cookie!

Shoshana said...

I say reward her for the efforts and make sure she understands it's not about the cookie theivery....so sad to see such cleverness unrewarded. :)