Friday, February 27, 2009

Adventures with Nephew

There isn't a day goes by that Nephew doesn't amuse me to no end. I call my mother everyday. Most afternoons, Nephew is there. Some days, he asks to talk to me. Today was not one of those days. However, today was a day when he was on Mom's last nerve. Nephew starts copying her.

Here is how the conversation went:
Mom/Nanny: Stop copying me!
Nephew (in a sing-song tone): Stop copying me!

After a brief time and some more copying:
Mom/Nanny: You're cranky!
Nephew: No, you're cranky!

There may have been more, but I couldn't stop laughing after this part. Maybe you had to be there to hear his laughing tone and my mother's patience rapidly slipping away. Also, to know how the two of them are completely at odds most afternoon is hilarious. I mean, Nephew goes out of his way to aggravate my mom. He's not mean-spirited, but it's like he's bored and there's nothing else to do. It's like how my sister and I mostly got along, but sometimes, it rained or there was nothing to do, and we'd just start to bicker. It's like that.
Yesterday, Nephew talked to me and wanted to know what I was eating. I told him I was eating Pad Thai. He asked what that was, and I told him they were noodles. I asked him what he ate. He answered grapes and o's (Cheerios) and 5 chocolate chip cookies. Then, he went on to tell me that the cat was not a big boy and pooped in one of the bedrooms the day before. This is only partially true. The truth is that he had two bowls of grapes and o's and, though the cat was a bad cat, it wasn't the day before. I just love that you can have a conversation with him.

Then, I asked to speak to Nanny again, and he told me no. After some begging, he still wouldn't hand the phone over. So, I told him that if he didn't hand the phone over, he couldn't play with his cousin this weekend and, next thing I knew, my mom was back on the phone with Nephew going "Little Miss coming this weekend?" We assured him that she would be there.

Last story, yesterday, my mom was responding to an e-mail and Nephew looked up and said, "that's my name!" He can't read, but he can recognize and spell his name. So, he sat at the computer and typed his own name which is better computer skills than my mom!

He's a funny, funny kid (and brilliant)!

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