Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A New Trick!

Starting last week or so, Little Miss has been trying new ways of getting in trouble, er, exploring her skills set. Because I'm short, of course, I have a step stool. Little Miss has used it to stand. Lately, she's been crawling up and sitting on it. Today, she took it another step.

Little Miss starts by crawling up.

Then, she gets up on her knees. (NOTE: I actually couldn't take a photo in time, but she did have to do this step twice. The first time, she fell backwards. She was stunned to be on the floor. It was really cute, but she picked herself up and started again.)

The final stage! She stood up on the step stool! Of course, once standing, she couldn't figure out how to get down so she whined until I helped her. We're trying to teach her that to go down the step stool and stairs, she just has to sit on her bottom and slide, but it's not working. Why would it work if she knows that whining until someone helps her works just as well!

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