Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Update - The Temperature is Rising

On Friday, I cleaned the bathrooms and tidied up a little. We had a bit of cleaning to do before the In-Laws came over on Saturday. Unfortunately, the Internet kidnapped me and I wasn't able to do much cleaning.

On Saturday, we finished cleaning and went grocery shopping. Husband cooked a huge meal of meat sauce with meatballs and sausage, cavatelli and raviolis, chicken cutlets and sour cream coffee cake. I did a cheese and cracker platter and baked chocolate chip cookies. We had a nice meal and hung out.

On Sunday, we slept late. Little Miss slept until 11:30AM. Around 1PM, Sister and Nephew came over. We went to the park and ran around. (Note: I'm kind of weirded out by the fact I'm not wearing any make up at all in the photo - rare day without even moisturizer or lip gloss, nothing!) Little Miss loved being on the slide and playing with a ball she stole from someone else. After a little while, we headed back home and went to the pool. Unfortunately, the pool was freezing so only Nephew and Husband went in. Little Miss walked around the entire pool three times or so to amuse herself. Sister and Nephew stayed for dinner and now we're just hanging out and hoping Little Miss goes to sleep soon. She hasn't napped all day and is exhausted (and so am I!). So, as soon as she goes to sleep, I'll be right behind her.

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