Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend Update 2 - More Stories about the Kids

Husband wanted me to add two more stories about Nephew from last weekend.

First, Nephew has become more spontaneous in declaring his love. He's always said he loves people when prompted, but now he'll say it whenever he wants. So, he crawled up into Husband's lap and said, "Uncle, I love you." This, of course, melted Husband into a pile of mush. I've yet to be the recipient of his declaration of love, but then again his uncle is one of his favorite people. I'm much further down the list.

Second, Nephew, Sister, and I were having a conversation on the chairlift that resulted in the following conversation:

Sister (to Nephew): Do you want a brother or sister one day?
Nephew: A sister.
Sister (to Nephew): Really?
Nephew: I want (Little Miss) to be my sister.

It was too cute. The kids are really adorable together. I know it seems he's really rough with her, but he's just enthusiastic when hugging her. I think it's great that it doesn't scare her. She just kind of braces herself. As they both get older, she really looks up to him a lot, too.

As for a Little Miss story, she had her 15-month Well Baby visit last Friday as well. She was super cranky the entire afternoon, but she slept as soon as we got home which helped. She was healthy and growing at the same rate she always has been. The doctor said we'll see a big leap in her speech this year. She already babbles a lot and is SO CLOSE to saying real words. Right now, we're just guessing at what she's saying, but it'll be great to have a conversation with her.

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