Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Presidents' Day!

I don't know if this is what our Founding Fathers imagined, but it is, indeed, a happy Presidents' Day. SciFiHD network has a Firefly marathon! I know, I own the series, but it's always a treat when it's on tv. Plus, Husband is out golfing so I can get a bunch of episodes in before he comes home. Maybe he'll agree to seeing Serenity later tonight (but it's doubtful).

Happy Presidents' Day! UPDATE: Husband came home and immediately changed the channel without even asking. That drives me absolutely crazy. Granted, I have the series on DVD and probably would have let him, but I hate that he just takes over in the middle of an episode. So, in return, he's now on baby duty.


Naomi said...

Hurray for Firefly! I'm going to have my own mini-marathon this weekend cuz the Man is out of town for a ski trip. Well, he leaves on Friday and comes back sometime on Sunday. But it's nice. I won't have to share the TV with him. *snicker*

I had to work on Monday. But we get MLK day off so it evens out in the end.