Thursday, July 17, 2014

And Now This...

This has been a week.  Monday was just busy.  Tuesday, I locked my entire backpack (with book, umbrella during a storm, breastmilk - at least on ice, car keys, house keys) in the car.  Husband actually went to wait for the locksmith to free my belongings for which I'm forever grateful.  You know, if forever was the rest of this week.  Last night, Husband went golfing, and Little Miss was showing me her stubborn side which resulted in a tantrum by both of us.  So, it's been a long week.  

The one person who is not affected by any of this is Baby.  Yesterday, from the minute he woke up to the evening when he fell asleep, he was just a giant smile.  I got a few here and there.  He gave me some during tummy time, but Little Miss gets the biggest smiles and the beginning of full giggles. Any time there is a picture of him smiling and looking off to the side, it's usually because she's next to him.

Come on, though, look at that face!  

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