Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weekend Update - Why Does July Want to Leave Us So Quickly?

I mean, seriously.  July is 3/4 over already.  That is ridiculous.

Last Friday, I got my hair trimmed.  It's generous to say I got it cut.  It looks the same though.  I picked up the kids, and we just kind of had a good night.  We got a donut and just had a relaxing evening.  

On Saturday, we had our morning dance of responsibilities.  Then, I met friends for lunch and a movie.  Lunch was delicious, and it was good to catch up.  It had been months since the three of us got together though I'd seen both separately since then.  I took a quick power nap when I got home and stayed up late doing nothing.

On Sunday, I had grand plans and ended up just doing nothing.  I napped a lot.  That was it.  I got to nap with the baby which was very satisfying.  I had lunch and dinner with Little Miss while the baby slept.  She's turning into quite a young lady so it was nice to have some conversation time.  I love those moments where she just lets me in or we ask questions and discuss things.  I love that she has opinions or is shaping and forming her own opinions now.

Little Miss and I have been reading Matilda together.  I've never read it, but I'm a big fan of Roald Dahl.  The dialogue is a bit rough around the edges, but it's one of the first longer books in which she's shown interest so I don't want to discourage that.  We read it together, sometimes I read and sometimes we take turns.  We discuss what happened in the previous chapter, what happened in the chapter we are currently reading and what we think is going to happen.  Little Miss is actually interpreting the cover and wonders why the cover shows particular art.  I don't know.  We'll find out together.  It's been a lot of fun though the reading is slow-going.  

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