Friday, July 25, 2014

I Should Have a Mug

Little Miss is Daddy's Little Girl, but everyday, I hang in there to see if I can get a shred of that affection.  Then, just when I'm about to give up and concentrate on the boy child, she tells me I'm the best and that I'm a good mom.  Seriously, this happened in two separate occasions just this morning.

I've been hoarding her Christmas gift cards.  She didn't need any toys, and we haven't really had time to go shopping.  So, I told her, if she's good, we would go to pick out a toy for her at the store when we went to buy her friends' birthday presents tomorrow.  She has two birthday parties this weekend.  She gave me such a strong and long hug and declared me the "best mom ever".  It was super nice.  I savored it at the risk of being late to work.  It was worth it.  Also, she doesn't know how much the gift card is for so I can pull this one a couple of times with the same gift card if I'm lucky.

Then, we were in the bathroom, and I let her wear some light make up today.  I told her she didn't need make up.  She responded that she knew, but she wanted to wear it just to be like me.  I had no response for that one, but I told her it wasn't for everyday wear, just a sometimes treat.  She said she knew and that I was a good mom for letting her wear a little make up.  There is probably some debate about that last part, but I'll take it.  It's only a little shadow, blush and lip gloss which is only marginally noticeable and only if you squint in the right light.  

I don't know how special the title of Best Mom is if I'm the only mom she has, but I'll take it nonetheless.

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