Monday, July 28, 2014

This Face

Week 13

Poor Baby.  This morning, Husband informed me that he had a slight fever.  This didn't stop him from giving me a lot of smiles on Saturday when I made him pose for the photos below.  It does explain why he loves sleeping while being held up, has been spitting up more than usual, and is extra cuddly.  He slept almost all day yesterday, and there's been general fussiness unless he's being cuddled.  He's still been smiley, just not as content when awake unless he's being snuggled.

He has a love/hate relationship with Tummy Time now.  He loves having his head up, but he gets frustrated. If the TV is on, he gets easily distracted which we'll have to watch.  Little Miss can ignore the TV or only really likes to watch it briefly.  She prefers talking or reading or playing board games.

Baby is just so smiley.  I love it especially because he has such a goofy, little smile.  He can't wear caps though rocks the little bucket hat.  I keep trying the vibrating chair, and he is not a fan.  Maybe later when he can play with the toys attached, but it does not relax him.  He'd rather be on the floor under the playmat.  One day, last week, I let him nap on the floor.  I've always held the opinion that I don't care where my kids nap as long as they are sleeping.  Little Miss once slept on the hardwood floor under my parents' kitchen table.

3 Months

Not to compare children (again... or still), but we keep seeing similarities between the two children.  Some see it.  Some do not.  So, every so often, I put the photos side-by-side.  I think you can the kids are siblings at the very least.  Baby is a little goofier.  Little Miss was very solemn as a child.  She smiled, but it was fleeting, and she was rarely SUPER HAPPY.  She was very content.  Baby is content as well, but he gives a lot of smiles when he's happy.  I tried to find photos of them at around the same age and in the same angle. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

I Should Have a Mug

Little Miss is Daddy's Little Girl, but everyday, I hang in there to see if I can get a shred of that affection.  Then, just when I'm about to give up and concentrate on the boy child, she tells me I'm the best and that I'm a good mom.  Seriously, this happened in two separate occasions just this morning.

I've been hoarding her Christmas gift cards.  She didn't need any toys, and we haven't really had time to go shopping.  So, I told her, if she's good, we would go to pick out a toy for her at the store when we went to buy her friends' birthday presents tomorrow.  She has two birthday parties this weekend.  She gave me such a strong and long hug and declared me the "best mom ever".  It was super nice.  I savored it at the risk of being late to work.  It was worth it.  Also, she doesn't know how much the gift card is for so I can pull this one a couple of times with the same gift card if I'm lucky.

Then, we were in the bathroom, and I let her wear some light make up today.  I told her she didn't need make up.  She responded that she knew, but she wanted to wear it just to be like me.  I had no response for that one, but I told her it wasn't for everyday wear, just a sometimes treat.  She said she knew and that I was a good mom for letting her wear a little make up.  There is probably some debate about that last part, but I'll take it.  It's only a little shadow, blush and lip gloss which is only marginally noticeable and only if you squint in the right light.  

I don't know how special the title of Best Mom is if I'm the only mom she has, but I'll take it nonetheless.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The One with the Large Ego

Little Miss went to my parents' house Monday night and stayed until Wednesday evening.  Everyone had a great time.  She was very happy to be reunited with her brother and vice versa.  I can't say he missed her, but he was definitely happier when she was near him.  She, and my mom and dad to be fair, got big smiles.

Before bed, Little Miss asked Husband if Baby cried the entire time she was gone.  He said no.  She responds, "Well, I guess he had you guys, but I know he missed me a lot."

Okay, then.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weekend Update - Why Does July Want to Leave Us So Quickly?

I mean, seriously.  July is 3/4 over already.  That is ridiculous.

Last Friday, I got my hair trimmed.  It's generous to say I got it cut.  It looks the same though.  I picked up the kids, and we just kind of had a good night.  We got a donut and just had a relaxing evening.  

On Saturday, we had our morning dance of responsibilities.  Then, I met friends for lunch and a movie.  Lunch was delicious, and it was good to catch up.  It had been months since the three of us got together though I'd seen both separately since then.  I took a quick power nap when I got home and stayed up late doing nothing.

On Sunday, I had grand plans and ended up just doing nothing.  I napped a lot.  That was it.  I got to nap with the baby which was very satisfying.  I had lunch and dinner with Little Miss while the baby slept.  She's turning into quite a young lady so it was nice to have some conversation time.  I love those moments where she just lets me in or we ask questions and discuss things.  I love that she has opinions or is shaping and forming her own opinions now.

Little Miss and I have been reading Matilda together.  I've never read it, but I'm a big fan of Roald Dahl.  The dialogue is a bit rough around the edges, but it's one of the first longer books in which she's shown interest so I don't want to discourage that.  We read it together, sometimes I read and sometimes we take turns.  We discuss what happened in the previous chapter, what happened in the chapter we are currently reading and what we think is going to happen.  Little Miss is actually interpreting the cover and wonders why the cover shows particular art.  I don't know.  We'll find out together.  It's been a lot of fun though the reading is slow-going.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We'll Do Lunch

Little Miss was so helpful last weekend.  We had a lazy weekend where we barely got dressed, and she watched a lot of television/YouTube, but she ate well and did everything I asked when it was asked of her.  At lunch, I sat with her.  She just looked me straight in the eye and said, "So, what's new?"  

I can't say we talked about anything in depth, but it was just so nice to talk.  Like real people.  It didn't involve nagging or chastising or asking for something.  It was just chatter, just the two of us with no interruptions or distractions.  It was really nice, and I look forward to more moments - or at least appreciating the moments more often.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Sister-in-Law (and Brother-in-Law and Nephews) gave Little Miss and Baby little matching gifts.  Baby has the gingham overalls, and Little Miss has a gingham headband with her initials embroidered on it.  I wanted to take pictures before Baby outgrew the outfit so that's what we did yesterday.  Little Miss gets a little jealous of all the photo sessions, too.  So, she was waiting for pictures taken of her and of her by herself.  Baby preferred pictures by himself versus pictures with his big sister.  We're raising attention hogs.  

Week 12

We've been working on Tummy Time.  He's been good.  Sometimes, he can spend a lot of time down there, and sometimes, he gets impatient.

Baby has been so snuggly lately.  He can sleep without being held, but he enjoys being amused.  He loves his mobile in his crib.  I wish that thing could go longer than 45 seconds.  Most of all, he loves his sister.  Lately, he loves to be sitting up.  He likes seeing what is going on around him.  He's been really into the television, but he loves to just look a person in the face and chat.

He's gotten very drooly.  This is mostly due to the fact that he's going to be a thumb-sucker.  Right now, it's the whole fist, but he also prefers his thumb and index finger of his right hand.  I know this because Husband clipped his nails and, accidentally, clipped his finger along with it.  Baby carried on, and I put a bandage on it to stop the bleeding.  Once the bleeding stopped, Husband took the Band-Aid off because he was afraid the baby was going to eat it and choke.

He actually loves to have his picture taken.  He stares at the camera every time.  He prefers to smile at a person over the camera though.

Last weekend, we played Peekaboo.  He liked having his face covered with the blanket, but he startled every time the peekaboo part came up.  It was funny, to me at least, to see all the emotions cross his teeny face.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

And Now This...

This has been a week.  Monday was just busy.  Tuesday, I locked my entire backpack (with book, umbrella during a storm, breastmilk - at least on ice, car keys, house keys) in the car.  Husband actually went to wait for the locksmith to free my belongings for which I'm forever grateful.  You know, if forever was the rest of this week.  Last night, Husband went golfing, and Little Miss was showing me her stubborn side which resulted in a tantrum by both of us.  So, it's been a long week.  

The one person who is not affected by any of this is Baby.  Yesterday, from the minute he woke up to the evening when he fell asleep, he was just a giant smile.  I got a few here and there.  He gave me some during tummy time, but Little Miss gets the biggest smiles and the beginning of full giggles. Any time there is a picture of him smiling and looking off to the side, it's usually because she's next to him.

Come on, though, look at that face!  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 11

Baby is doing well.  In this case, not much has changed since last week (as is the trouble with weekly posts).  He's in the 75th percentile in height which, let's face it, is as good as a kid of mine is going to get.  He weighs 12 pounds.  He received a bunch of vaccinations and did not care for that at all.  The doctor did say that it was time for Tummy Time so we've been doing that at home.  He doesn't seem to like it, but he doesn't seem to hate it.  He tolerates the tummy time with a pained expression, but he doesn't fuss.

He's still an amazing little baby.  We've been so lucky to get babies with pretty even temperments.  He eats and sleeps well.  He's still eating 4 ounces a time between 5-6 times a day.  He still loves to be swaddled or held.  He has been smiling more and more and is much more alert.  He loves looking around and moving around.  He's been caught watching tv lately.  He holds his head up very well right before his neck gives out.
I think I bit off more than I can chew with the weekly photos, but I'll see how long I can keep going.  This week, I took the photos in practically the dark late on Sunday night.  Next week, I'll try to do them during the day (perhaps in his new "tuxedo").

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend Update - Someone Turned 4!

On Friday, I worked from home because Baby had a doctor's appointment.  I'll put that in a separate post, but all went well.  He's growing well, and we're all just preparing for his surgery next month. 
On Saturday, we went to Nephew's 4th birthday party!  I can't believe he's 4 already.  Time flies.  It was a Toy Story birthday, and the kids had a lot of fun.  After the party, we stayed to go into the pool.  We then had dinner and overstayed our welcome.  The kids did well in part to the full moon and the sugar rush.  We all fell promptly when we got home.  Everyone in the house slept until 10:30 on Sunday. 
On Sunday, we took the day slowly (as it happens when you sleep the morning away).  Then, I took the kids to get portraits done with Nephew.  My parents wanted portraits of the kids.  Nephew wore a full suit.  Little Miss got a new dress, and the baby had a little "suit" onesie.  Totally adorable.  After the portraits were done, we went to Outback for dinner and came home. 

Weekend Update - The Fourth of July

We had a lazy Fourth of July.  We had a nice, little family lunch and then head to Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law's pool.  We stayed for dinner and ventured to the roof to watch fireworks.  We met up with a friend who lives in the same building, too. 

On Saturday, we all slept late.  Husband went to play golf and, despite best intentions, the kids and I did absolutely nothing.  We were so exhausted after doing nothing, I took a nap once Husband came home.

On Sunday, I met a friend for brunch and pedicures while Husband made pancakes with Little Miss.  I came home and had a quiet evening after that.  It was a glorious long weekend that went too quickly.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Yesterday, things were just not going our way.  Husband got increasingly more and more aggravated.  Things were thrown, doors were slammed.  We got into the car while he finished packing the trunk.  I turned to Little Miss to see if she was ok with his display of temper.  She seemed unaffected and then said, "Don't worry, Mommy.  He's not mad at us.  He's only mad at you."

Well, great then.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Update - Goodbye, June

I went back to work the last full week of June.  It was bittersweet.  I missed the Baby, but Husband stayed home with him, and I know he likes his time with the kids by himself.  I liked getting back into the swing of things and interacting with adults.  This does not mean that I did not appreciate the weekend when it came though.
On Saturday, Husband stayed home with Baby while I brought Little Miss to a birthday party at the ice skating rink.  There was pizza, cake, and what seemed like hours of ice skating.  Little Miss missed skating, and she did a great job.  We all kind of crashed when we got home.  I took a lovely nap with Baby.  I think we both missed our maternity leave naps.

On Sunday, Husband went golfing while I took the kids to my parents' pool and met up with
Sister and Nephew.  My mom met us at the pool and then we went back to the house to see my dad.  Husband met us at the house as well as Sister's boyfriend.  We made some dinner and celebrated Father's Day and Dad's birthday.  It was simple meatball sandwiches and salads, but it was a pretty good day and a great weekend.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Favorite Picture Today

Week 10

I finally have pictures of Baby smiling!  He's been smiling lately, mostly at his sister.  He thinks everything she does is funny.

This week, he finally caught the ick that we all had.  Poor little guy is congested and that causes him to spit up a bit.  Plus, he's clinger than usual.  He's a trooper though.

He's becoming so strong.  He's been trying to roll over and settles for a lot for scooting and little baby crunches.  He loves to hang out in the Baby Bjorn even though he acts like we torture him when we strap him into it.

He has been eating a little more frequently, but I think the sucking helps soothe him while he's not feeling well.  Or he's growing.  Or both.  So far, he is still sleeping well overnight at least.  

So, no complaints.  He's really just a good little baby, and I'm not just saying that because he loves me so.  We are entering my favorite part of babies, too.  I love it when they start to have personalities and can start doing things or even just using their hands or following you with their eyes.  It's like, at some point, babies just start liking you instead of just needing you which makes things more worthwhile.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week 9

This week, Baby is very needy.  He's sleeping less and less during the day and really loves to be snuggled.  He does sleep well at night so I can't complain.  He "talks" quite a bit and has some infrequent smiles, not all related to gas.

The surgeon visit went well.  He's progressing.  His surgery is scheduled for August.  His recovery is unknown until he starts to make it, but we are hopeful.

He is absolutely taken with Little Miss.  He loves looking at her.  She loves having a captive audience talking to him and has been so helpful with him.  She can get his food and feed him.  She'll watch him briefly while I'm showering.  She makes sure we all wash our hands or that he always has a clean pacifier.  

He's become so strong.  If he's lying on his back, he can lift his upper body in little baby crunches.  Usually in anger.  He loves his playmat.  He can tire himself out just hanging out under that thing and kick and coo.