Thursday, March 1, 2012


Little Miss knows she sometimes makes poor choices. She knows she gets punished. I just really feel like her mind is really getting things though. She got in a bit of trouble for deleting all my pictures last weekend though she didn't really get punished. I did let her play with my camera and didn't really supervise her, and I have taught her how to delete pictures before. Regardless, she acknowledged that she didn't like when I was mad at her. Today, she saw the camera and stated that I was really mad when she deleted my pictures and that she'd never do it again. So, it's nice to know lessons are setting in.

Last night, Little Miss got Husband to go into her room after bedtime quite a bit. He finally sat down to relax and she called to him. So, he asked me to go in. I went in and told her that that was it. I was not entering her room again. She looked up at me and said, "if something bad happens to me, you won't come back in?" I sat by her bed and chose my words carefully. I told her that, of course, if she is in danger, I would come to her side. However, I would not be coming in to tuck her into bed again, to turn on her music, to turn on her nightlight, to give her a sip of juice/water/milk, to tuck her stuffed friends in. She looked like she was trying to think of something else to say but waited a beat and then just nodded and turned her back to me.

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