Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekend Update - Quickie

I have a couple of weekend updates to cover. First, two weeks ago. It was a nice weekend actually. After an extremely busy February, March was off to a nice start. We did our groceries on Friday night as usual. Then, Saturday, we met friends at the bowling alley and then went back to their place for dinner. Their youngest daughter is Little Miss's age, and they play very well together.

On Sunday, Husband had a friend over. The day before, Little Miss's class went to The Lorax as a little field trip. We couldn't make it due to prior plans so I told her I would take her on Sunday. So, we hit a matinee. She actually fell asleep and didn't want to get up, but she crawled out of bed just to see the movie. She stayed awake the entire time, and really enjoyed it especially the character of The Lorax. She was a very good girl and was very proud of her good behavior. We then went home, baked cookies and did homework.

It was a really nice weekend.

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