Friday, March 2, 2012

Ego Boost

I bought these pants yesterday at Old Navy. I have 2 pairs of these jeans already in black and dark blue. I bought the pink this time and will be getting the blue eventually. Anyway, I showed Little Miss this morning thinking she'd love them because she loves pink. This is how the conversation went:

Little Miss: Wow! They're so...
(This is when I thought she got excited and was thinking of a happy word during this pause.)

Little Miss: - so big! They look like Daddy's pants.
(This is where my ego fell and crashed into a billion pieces.)

This is not a good mix to my already fragile ego. I tried on a bathing suit yesterday. Let's just say according to the mirror, I'm still hibernating.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Oh, man! That's an outrage. Kids. Sheesh.