Friday, March 2, 2012

Sexy Friday

I won't be as diligent about Sexy Friday as in the past, but I thought it was time to bring the topic back. So, in honor of his 50th birthday, Jon Bon Jovi is the recipient of Sexy Friday. I chose a photo of his face which is not my favorite body part of his. Yes, he does music, and I'm a fan, but I do so love him in Moonlight and Valentino - the clip will show him in a brief scene. I always thought it was an underrated movie.

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Shannon said...

I agree about Moonlight and Valentino. I haven't watched that movie in ages, but I do love it. Maybe I will have to pull it out tomorrow. I think Jon was very good in that - one of the few singers who actually took acting lessons before he launched himself into movies. Of course, I'm totally biased, as you know.