Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weekend Update - Living Like it's 2006!

Well, Thursday, I took a half day from work, got a pedicure and then drove Little Miss to my parents. We celebrated Sister's birthday and then Little Miss spent the night. On Friday, my parents took both grandchildren to NYC for the Radio City show and other holiday sights around the city. So, we had the whole weekend to ourselves, without a child, to do with as we pleased.

So, on Friday night, I went to a friend's house for a Jewelry and Chocolate party and sipped a chocolate martini and laughed and shopped. Then, on Saturday, I slept late. Then, I slept some more. Then, I pretty much showered and went to dinner with a friend. We had a few cocktails and then went to a late movie.

On Sunday, I slept late again! Then, I met Sister for lunch and we had a cocktail and did some Christmas shopping. After, we met our parents and kids, had dinner, and closed up the weekend. I know Little Miss had fun, but I think she was really glad to be home.

Little Miss has her own Christmas tree. It is her favorite because of the red lights and is an extra night light as well. So, her punishment after last weekend's behavior was that she lost the Christmas tree for one week. Plus, there was a lot of communication between all of us and apologies all around. Anyway, after a glowing report on her behavior in NYC, she got all her Christmas toys and tree back.  So, good weekend all around!

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