Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What If...

I don't want to give away any television spoilers (you can click here if you want to know limited details, but there is a show that is doing an episode with an alternate reality. The premise is based off the question "What if this big event hadn't happened?"

So, Entertainment Weekly asked its staff the same question and the writers came up with their own list of What If moments like "What if Picard had remained a Borg?" on Star Trek: The Next Generation or "What if Jack had died at the end of the first season as planned?" on Lost.

Are there any What If scenarios in your favorite tv shows that you would like to see?

Entertainment Weekly did hit on my big TV wish:  I wish Zack hadn't gotten mixed up with Gormogon on Bones. My second wish would be that Tim Riggins hadn't lived with ferret guy who cooked his own meth or the Riggins brothers never had a chop shop (and poor Canadian Taylor Kitsch never had to say the word "chop shop" in his Canadian, poor Texas accented voice) or, wish of all wishes, Tyra and Landry never killed that guy.  

And now I must go watch Friday Night Lights...

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