Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weekend Update - A Little Bit of This and That

On Friday and Saturday nights, Husband and I made hundreds of potato and cheese pierogi. Saturday, during the day, Little Miss and I went to the library, I think. We did something in the morning. Then, we took a very lengthy afternoon nap. That part I do remember. On Sunday, Little Miss and I went to brunch for book club. Afterwards, we walked to the bakery where they had a free decorate your own cookie activity.
You'll remember that we're trying to get Little Miss to try new foods. Last Sunday night, she tried pierogi and kielbasa as a nod to her Polish half. The kielbasa (or hot dog as she called it) got a thumbs up. The pierogi did not pass muster. Still, our experiment has been going well so far.  The picture above is Little Miss eating kielbasa on seeded rye. 

On Monday, school was cancelled.  Little Miss has had a productive cough for about a week now.  On Monday morning, she threw up all over Husband.  I swear I didn't laugh.  Much.  So, I took her to the doctor as a precaution.  It turns out her cough is nothing.  It turns out she wasn't quite herself because of a diagnosed double ear infection.  So, she's on an antibiotic.  She's a bit easily worn down and extra sensitive, but she is mostly back to herself.  She did go to school on Wednesday after staying home Tuesday.  We figured it was important she go today because there is no school until January 3.

So, now it's just a mad dash to prepare for Christmas!  Little Miss has already started getting the first of her presents.  She's definitely embraced the spiritual and commercial side of Christmas this year but with a good balance, I think.

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