Monday, December 12, 2011

New Foods - Pumpkin Cupcakes and Lemon Pasta w/Chicken

We're lazy.  This is not new information.  So, Little Miss has had a pretty easy diet of things she happens to like.  Nothing unhealthy necessarily, just no big variety.  I noticed recently that she is downright defiant when it comes to eating or trying new foods - even different ways of serving foods she already likes.  I informed her that in the next week, she was going to start to try new foods.  This didn't go over well, but I told her she can pick out a food each week on her own.  Depending on what it is, we can make it together.  In an effort not to ruin new foods for her forever, I suggested we start with fruits, vegetables or desserts.  So, she suggested pumpkin.  I said we could make pumpkin cupcakes (aka pumpkin muffins).
Last night, when Little Miss came home, she and I baked up a baker's dozen of pumpkin cupcakes.  Then, the three of us split one before bed.  They were quite moist.  Little Miss liked it a lot and ate about 3/4 of it (the remainder was split between Husband and me).  I think she liked it better than I did!  
We went through a food magazine, and Little Miss wanted to make a pasta dish for next week, but we amended that to having her try a dish Husband already makes - a lemon chicken pasta.  It's a slow start, but we're already making progress.

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